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PK Love is actually releasing some of the energy of the Needles or the Dragon, hence its power increase as the user pulls more Needles. The reason that Lucas and Claus can pull the Needles in the first place is because they had a little bit of the Dragon’s energy in themselves already, so they could take on the energy that was holding the Needles down.

Females usually use more offense-based/status-inflicting PSI with limited healing spells while males usually use healing/supporting/buffing/shielding PSI, with limited offensive attacks. There are exceptions, though.

After Lucas pulled the seventh needle and the Dark Dragon inherited his heart, Lucas and the Dark Dragon became one and flew around Earth, healing and restoring it. Afterwards, exhausted, Lucas’s spirit sank into the sunflower field and fell into an eternal sleep.

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whats the point in this blog if you only ever post the mods headcanons and no one elses?

Anon, these headcanons aren’t mine. They are sent anonymously to my inbox and I post them as text after checking them. I guess I could post as a quote instead, or just use the submission page only??

Poo returned to Dalaam after defeating Giygas and shortly there after he was married (an arranged marriage) and was later crowned king of Dalaam. As an adult, Poo enjoys rigorous games of Mahjong and quiet walks in the garden with his young daughter who enjoys hearing stories about his adventures.

I believe Ninten started his journey out of anger towards whatever attacked his family, but just as Ninten’s confidence lifted the spirits of Ana and Loid, Ana’s empathy and Loid’s intelligence helped temper Ninten into someone able to let Giegue flee without feeling guilt.